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Laravel – Adding Azure Blob StorageIntroduction Recently I decided to deploy a Laravel site so that customers can upload large …2021/10/10Azure, Laravel2021-10-10 14:24:35
Azure – OpenID Connect JSON Web Key SetIntroduction For a new project, I must validate Azure Access Tokens in PHP. This requires …2021/09/30Azure, PHP2021-09-30 19:45:09
Azure – Setting up a Development Environment for PythonIntroduction This article demonstrates how to set up a Windows development system with Python and …2021/09/30Azure, Python2021-09-30 14:32:39
Laravel – GitHub Integration – Part 1Introduction This article demonstrates backing up an existing Laravel site to GitHub. The next article …2021/09/23GitHub, Laravel2021-09-23 00:55:56
Azure – Update Network Security Group Rule with my IP AddressIntroduction In Azure, I have security group rules that allow access to everything from my …2021/09/23Azure2021-09-23 00:54:39
Azure – Lock a VM to Prevent DeletionIntroduction You are busy developing. It is late at night. You decide to delete one …2021/09/19Azure, Terraform2021-09-19 22:44:51
Azure – Recovering from UFW firewall lockout – UbuntuIntroduction You have a Ubuntu instance running in an Azure Virtual Machine. You connect to …2021/09/17Azure, Ubuntu2021-09-17 21:10:11
Deep Dive into Google Cloud IAM Signblob and Service AccountsIAM Signblob and Service Accounts A Google Cloud Service Account contains an RSA key pair. …2021/08/25Google2021-08-25 00:55:13
Google Cloud Application Default Credentials – PHPApplication Default Credentials This article will cover Google Cloud Application Default Credentials (ADC) and how …2021/08/18Google2021-08-18 19:53:44
What is Amezmo?What is Amezmo? Amezmo is an excellent platform for .NET Core and PHP applications. Amezmo …2021/07/25Amezmo2021-07-25 17:48:19
Laravel – Redirecting HTTP to HTTPSIntroduction Once you have an SSL certificate configured, the next step is to redirect unencrypted …2021/06/22Google, Laravel2021-06-22 22:54:16
Laravel – Displaying a GitHub GistIntroduction Today (June 14, 2021) I answered a question on Stackoverflow regarding the Google Cloud …2021/06/15GitHub, Laravel2021-06-15 10:24:07
WireGuard IntroductionIntroduction This article is the first in a series of using WireGuard in the cloud. …2021/03/10WireGuard2021-03-10 01:42:03
Terraform – Experiments with Google Cloud DNS and IAMIntroduction I am currently preparing to recertify for the Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification. …2021/03/07Google, Terraform2021-03-07 00:42:42
Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer RecertificationThis article is a journal of my path to take the Google Professional Cloud Security …2021/03/02Certification, Cloud, Security, Terraform2021-03-02 16:52:30
Google Cloud Run – Debugging an ASP.NET Core Time Zone IssueIntroduction I am writing ASP.NET Core code for an automated cloud directory synchronization process that …2020/09/20Cloud2020-09-20 15:30:23
Hostwinds – Virtual Private ServersIntroduction One of the things that I love about the cloud, is that you can …2020/08/02Cloud2020-08-02 14:34:36
What programming language do I write software in?Introduction I recently had a conversation with the Principle Security Architect for a large company …2020/03/21Programming2020-03-21 15:23:07
Google Cloud – Improving Security with ImpersonationIntroduction A common practice in Google Cloud is to create one or more service accounts …2020/03/15Cloud, Google2020-03-15 22:44:42
PowerShell – Impersonate Google Service AccountIntroduction This article shows how to impersonate a service account from user account credentials. To …2020/03/15Google2020-03-15 22:43:25
Google Cloud Compute – Mastering SSHIntroduction One of the more frequent problems on Stackoverflow is Compute Engine SSH. This article …2020/02/10Google2020-02-10 21:43:36
Certification Practice TestsWhat is a Certification Practice Test? There are two types: Practice Questions and Practice Tests. …2020/01/14Certification2020-01-14 10:40:28
Microsoft Security Certifications – New Year’s ResolutionIntroduction I am working on two new security certifications for my new year’s resolution. My …2020/01/11Certification2020-01-11 12:17:02
IBM Cloud – New WebsiteToday I moved all of my IBM Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift content to a …2019/10/22IBM, OpenShift2019-10-22 16:24:42
Socratica Python Kickstarter Project Socratica Python Kickstarter Campaign Introduction from Socratica’s Kickstarter Campaign Socratica – a small educational …2019/09/23Programming2019-09-23 12:34:55
Never Implement Proxy TLS InterceptionIntroduction I was answering a question on StackOverflow. The questioner has implemented Proxy TLS Interception …2019/09/22Security2019-09-22 11:43:56
Google Cloud – SSL Certificates the Easy WayIntroduction I use SSL certificates for everything. I am constantly creating them for internal systems …2019/09/15Cloud, Security2019-09-15 11:58:45
Cloud Storage Bytes – New Training VideolabThis training videolab is a collection of videos Google Cloud created by Jennifer Brown @jbrojbrojbro. …2019/08/22Cloud2019-08-22 15:48:59
Get Cooking in Cloud – New Training VideolabIntroduction This training videolab is a collection of videos Google Cloud created by Priyanka Vergadia @pvergadia. …2019/08/22Cloud2019-08-22 12:19:09
Google Cloud SQL for MySQL – Connection Security, High Availability and FailoverIntroduction Designing an application that incorporates Google Cloud SQL requires some thought. There are several …2019/08/15Cloud, Security2019-08-15 21:33:47
Introduction to Python – New Training VideolabIntroduction I watch a lot of training material from all the major education vendors (Pluralsight, …2019/08/07Cloud2019-08-07 14:35:56
Google Cloud SQL – New Training VideolabIntroduction I watch a lot of training material from all the major education vendors (Pluralsight, …2019/08/07Cloud2019-08-07 11:01:47
Google Cloud SQL Proxy – Installing as a Service on GCEIntroduction Google Cloud SQL Proxy provides secure access to Cloud SQL Second Generation instances without …2019/07/28Cloud, Security2019-07-28 15:33:53
Google Cloud Run Deep Dive – Understanding the APIs – Part 2Introduction This article discusses mapping custom domains for Google Cloud Run Managed. In a future …2019/07/14Cloud, golang2019-07-14 15:26:48
Google Cloud Run Deep Dive – Understanding the APIs – Part 1Introduction To understand Google Cloud Run, you must peel back the layers and look at …2019/07/13Cloud, golang2019-07-13 13:05:22
Google Cloud Platform – Getting StartedIntroduction Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services. Google has everything from …2019/07/07Cloud2019-07-07 12:40:11
Google Cloud Run – Minimizing Cold StartsIntroduction This article discusses Google Cloud Run cold starts, what they are and how to …2019/07/06Cloud2019-07-06 14:58:11
Google Cloud – HTTP Load Balancer File Upload ErrorIntroduction This article is about how to upload files to Compute Engine fronted by a …2019/07/06Cloud2019-07-06 13:55:20
Google Cloud Shell – CLI in GoGoogle Cloud Shell CLI Written in Go This is a placeholder until I write this …2019/06/29Cloud, golang2019-06-29 17:23:54
Security – Key Pairs and Private-Public KeysTable of Contents Introduction Definitions Example Private & Public Keys OpenSSH Public Keys SSH-2 Public …2019/06/19Cloud2019-06-19 20:22:35
Google Cloud Run – Simple File Server in GoIntroduction This article shows how to serve files with Google Cloud Run. There are a …2019/06/17Cloud, golang2019-06-17 19:19:42
Google Cloud – Go – Identity Based Access ControlIntroduction This article will discuss several key features if you are programming for Google Cloud …2019/06/13Cloud, golang, Security2019-06-13 16:48:41
Google Cloud and Go – My Journey to Learn a new Language in 30 daysPart 1: Introduction Today I decided to learn Go in the next 30 days and …2019/06/11Cloud, golang2019-06-11 20:18:53
Google Cloud Asset Inventory – Reverse Engineering an APIIntroduction This article describes a missing item from the articles and documentation on Google Cloud …2019/06/07Cloud2019-06-07 00:16:40
Google Cloud Run – IdentityIntroduction Sometimes your Google Cloud Run app needs to communicate with or consume other services. …2019/06/03Cloud2019-06-03 01:36:37
Google Cloud Run – PricingIntroduction Google Cloud Run charges you for the resources you use when you use them. …2019/05/27Cloud2019-05-27 11:41:03
Google Developers Experts – Cloud PlatformGoogle Experts Program Google has honored me with Google Developers Experts Cloud Platform. I am …2019/05/22Cloud2019-05-22 21:06:37
GitHub – New Public RepositoryStarting today, I am copying all of my source code for the articles on this …2019/05/15Cloud2019-05-15 21:37:50
Google Cloud Run – HTTPS – Part 2Introduction This article discusses HTTP to HTTPS redirection in software. I will show you one …2019/05/15Cloud2019-05-15 21:18:47
Google Cloud Run – HTTPS – Part 1Introduction This article discusses HTTP to HTTPS redirection as implemented by Google Cloud Run. Today, …2019/05/13Cloud2019-05-13 12:49:12
Google Cloud – Backup Bitnami WordPressIntroduction My personal website which covers articles about Google Cloud has been growing both in …2019/05/12Cloud2019-05-12 14:34:19
Google Cloud – HTTP Load Balancer and IPv6  Introduction This article covers how to add IPv6 to a load balancer on Google …2019/05/11Cloud2019-05-11 20:41:46
Google Cloud Run – Getting Started with Python and FlaskIntroduction On August 15, 2018, Google released the Alpha release of Google Cloud Run. Many …2019/05/10Cloud2019-05-10 14:26:58
Google G Suite – How to Analyze an Email Ransom DemandIntroduction Date created: May 7, 2019 Last updated: May 7, 2019 Today I received an …2019/05/07Cloud, G Suite2019-05-07 22:24:28
Google G Suite – Sender Policy Framework – SPFDate created: May 4, 2019 Last updated: May 5, 2019 Gmail stats graphic courtesy Google …2019/05/04Cloud, G Suite2019-05-04 15:35:54
Google Domains – Purchasing a Domain NameDate created: May 2, 2019 Last updated: May 4, 2019 Introduction For the articles on …2019/05/02Cloud, G Suite2019-05-02 18:22:07
Google Cloud Certification BadgesI think that Google has done a nice job creating certification badges. Certify with Google …2019/04/23Certification, Cloud2019-04-23 13:11:27
Google Cloud Memorystore – RedisDate created: April 17, 2019 Last updated: April 19, 2019 Introduction Redis (REmote DIctionary Server) …2019/04/17Cloud2019-04-17 15:57:55
Google Cloud Certified – Associate Cloud EngineerToday I took the Associate Cloud Engineer exam and passed. The exam was medium difficult. …2019/03/22Certification2019-03-22 16:24:34
Google Compute – Stackdriver Logging – Installation, Setup & DebuggingDate created: March 10, 2018 Last updated: September 12, 2019 Google Stackdriver is a very …2019/03/10Google2019-03-10 18:00:41
Google Cloud – Compute Engine Service AccountsDate created: March 1, 2019 Last updated: March 3, 2019 Note: This article is evolving …2019/03/02Google2019-03-02 15:12:11
Google Cloud – The Master SeriesDate created: February 27, 2019 Last updated: March 2, 2019 Introduction This month I completed …2019/02/27Google2019-02-27 17:56:59
Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer CertificationDate created: February 10, 2019 Last updated: March 13, 2019 Update: March 13, 2019. I …2019/02/10Certification, Google2019-02-10 14:30:51
Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer CertificationDate created: January 30, 2019 Last updated: March 2, 2021 Exam Completed: February 15, 2019 …2019/01/30Certification, Cloud, Security2019-01-30 14:37:13
Google OAuth 2.0 – Testing with Curl – Refresh Access TokenIn my earlier article on how to test Google OAuth 2.0 flows from the command …2019/01/14Cloud, DevOps, Tools2019-01-14 23:02:18
Google OAuth 2.0 – Testing with Curl – Version 2If you have ever wanted to test Google OAuth 2.0 flows from the command line, …2019/01/14Cloud, DevOps, Tools2019-01-14 19:48:02
Google Cloud IAM – Listing ProjectsThis article shows how to display a list of Google Cloud Projects that you have …2019/01/13Cloud, DevOps, Programming2019-01-13 17:48:30
Google Cloud IAM – Member TypesGoogle Cloud IAM supports several member types that can be authorized to access Google Cloud …2018/12/26Google2018-12-26 19:57:58
Google Cloud – Creating OAuth Access Tokens for REST API CallsThe following example shows several important steps to call Google Cloud APIs without using an …2018/12/25Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security2018-12-25 20:25:41
Google Cloud – Converting Service Account Credentials from P12 to Json FormatI have written a number of articles about Google Cloud Credentials. For Service Account credentials, …2018/12/22Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, Tools2018-12-22 22:17:14
Google Cloud – Extracting Private Key from Service Account P12 CredentialsGoogle Service Account Credentials are available in two file formats: Json and P12. P12 is …2018/12/22Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, Tools2018-12-22 18:51:55
Google Cloud – Recovering from UFW firewall lockout – DebianIntroduction You have a Debian instance running in Google Cloud Compute Engine. You connect to …2018/12/22Debian, Google2018-12-22 00:27:29
Google Cloud – Creating Access Tokens from Service Account P12 CredentialsGoogle Service Account Credentials are available in two file formats: Json and P12. P12 is …2018/12/21Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, Tools2018-12-21 19:29:20
Google Cloud Stackdriver – IP AddressesI have worked with Google Cloud Stackdriver for about three months. The more I learn …2018/12/19Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Tools2018-12-19 02:22:28
Google Cloud Application Default Credentials – PythonApplication Default Credentials Google Cloud Application Default Credentials (ADC) are not credentials. ADC is a …2018/12/04Google2018-12-04 21:30:33
Google OAuth 2.0 – Testing with CurlIntroduction If you have ever wanted to test Google OAuth 2.0 flows from the command-line, …2018/11/17Cloud, DevOps, Tools2018-11-17 19:52:06
Google Cloud – Creating and Authorizing Service Account Credentials with the CLIThis article is written for Windows, but the same principles apply to Linux and Mac. …2018/11/04Cloud, DevOps, Security, Tools2018-11-04 16:05:07
Google Cloud – Where are my credentials storedGoogle Cloud stores your credentials in a database on your system. These credentials can then …2018/11/02Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, Tools2018-11-02 15:01:59
Google Cloud – Setting up Gcloud with Service Account CredentialsIn this article we will download and install the Google gcloud CLI. Then we will …2018/11/02Cloud, DevOps, Tools2018-11-02 00:02:14
Google Cloud – Understanding Gcloud ConfigurationsThis article is written for Windows, but the same principles apply to Linux and Mac. …2018/11/01Cloud, DevOps, Tools2018-11-01 16:52:34
Google Cloud Private DNS ZonesOn October 23, 2018, Google introduced private DNS zones for Google Cloud DNS. This is …2018/10/29Cloud, DevOps2018-10-29 14:20:25
Google Cloud Billing Catalog APIGoogle Cloud supports a Cloud Billing Catalog API. I have not worked with this API …2018/10/28Cloud, Programming2018-10-28 01:25:16
Google Cloud – Debian 9 – Resize Root File SystemIn Google Cloud I often use Debian 9 Stretch for my test instances. Today I …2018/10/27Debian, Google2018-10-27 17:46:08
Comparing AWS & Google – IP Packet ForwardingWhen you configure an instance that will forward packets, you need to change an option. …2018/10/27Cloud2018-10-27 00:46:24
Let’s Encrypt – Debian 9 on Google Compute InstanceLet’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that issues free SSL certifications. I have used …2018/10/26Cloud, Debian2018-10-26 19:05:55
Windows Command Prompt – Loading a File into a VariableOften I need to load the content of a file into a Windows Command Prompt …2018/10/26Programming2018-10-26 15:08:21
Google Compute – Install StackdriverDate created: October 26, 2018 Last updated: March 10, 2019 Note: I have written a …2018/10/26Cloud2018-10-26 00:15:57
Google Compute – Startup Script Total Execution TimeI have been testing Google Compute VM instances with custom startup scripts. I wanted to …2018/10/25Cloud, Debian2018-10-25 23:57:18
Understanding Google Cloud Storage ScopesGoogle Cloud Storage uses scopes to determine what permissions an identity has on a specified …2018/10/22Cloud, Programming2018-10-22 01:36:37
CURL SSL Certificate ProblemPart 1 – The CURL command-line program If curl is not set up correctly for …2018/10/22Security, Tools2018-10-22 00:58:15
Hello Cloud World!October 13, 2018. Welcome to my new blogging site where I will publish my articles …2018/10/13Cloud2018-10-13 16:59:46