October 13, 2018.

Welcome to my new blogging site where I will publish my articles on software development for the cloud. I support AWS, Alibaba, Azure, Google, and IBM. Languages C/C++, Python, PHP, Java/Scala, JavaScript/Node.js and C#/.NET. I prefer to work in C/C++, Python, JavaScript/Node.js and Scala depending on the project.

I have a large collection of articles that I have written in the past that I plan to organize here. Plus, I have a bunch of new articles planned for my new work with Google Cloud.

I have worked with AWS, Azure and Google Clouds since each one first introduced their cloud storage products. My job at that time (starting around 2006) was to create a C++ SDK for our storage products to allow our customers to save backups, images, disaster recovery, etc. in the cloud. About 12 years ago, when I would talk to customers about saving files to S3, they said: “you mean the bookstore company???”. Times sure have changed.

Since then I have personally invested heavily in learning everything about AWS. I have eight AWS certifications. Almost every morning I spend at least an hour keeping up to date with the latest AWS services and updates. I have worked extensively with almost every AWS service at the Console, CLI and API level. I also contribute to Stack Overflow helping others. This helps me see problems, issues, and solutions that I might not otherwise see or learn about. Very often, I go into the lab to reproduce one of these issues to deepen my experience.

I am also very comfortable with Azure, Alibaba, and Google clouds at a deep programming level. I have written a lot of software for each of these cloud vendors. This month (October 2018) I will become certified with Google, which makes for three clouds that I have professional level certifications with (AWS, Alibaba and soon Google). Once Azure settles down their certifications I will certify with Azure.

You will probably notice that there is a “theme” to the software that I write. I am very focused on the security side of things when I write software. This is one of the reasons that I have mastered several cloud vendors. Each one has a different way of implementing security. For example, AWS and Google are both very secure while implementing security very differently. The contrast is very interesting.

Usually, my articles include full source code to working examples that go way beyond the “hello world” example. Usually, I include a zip file link to the source code so that you have something to start experimenting with. The hardest part of many software projects is just getting started. Getting the tools installed, knowing what APIs to look into, etc. My hope is that my articles will give you that “quick start” in programming for your next cloud feature.

It will take me a few weeks to get my previous articles online.