This article will be the home page for a collection of articles related to developing C++ applications in Google Cloud. This will include small example applications published to GitHub.

I have decades of experience writing commercial enterprise applications in C++. For cloud development, most of my C++ experience is for AWS and Azure. Although I know Google Cloud deeply, I have almost no C++ experience writing for Google Cloud. These articles might help others get started as you follow my path to take my knowledge and apply it to Google Cloud.

I have selected the CrowCpp framework to use for HTTP servers. The CrowCpp framework works well for Docker containers, Google Cloud Run, and Google Compute Engine. I plan to look into deploying CrowCpp on Google Cloud Functions and Google App Engine. Google does offer the Functions Framework for C++ and that might be a better framework for Cloud Functions.

My strategy is to publish a series of articles much like I did for PyScript.

Stay tuned as I start to publish the work I have completed so far.

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