I offer three types of consulting:

  • Cloud architecture and design.
  • Software development of cloud-based and hybrid systems.
  • Security design, auditing, and forensics

Cloud architecture and design

I have an extensive background in operating systems, storage, virtualization, and security. I have been working in the cloud with AWS, Azure, and Google from the very early days. For example, a previous company that I worked for was a leader in enterprise virtualization and we worked with Amazon and Microsoft before they released their cloud offerings. I have been involved in the design of cloud services for cloud vendors. In some areas, I know the service as well as the engineers.

As an MVP/GDE, I receive support directly from AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Google Cloud, IBM, and Oracle. I am the only person in the world with gold-level status on StackOverflow for both AWS and Google Cloud [link].

Software development

I know most of the APIs of each of the cloud vendors. I have a personal library of hundreds of thousands of lines of code written in C#, Go, PHP, and Python that I have written over 15 years. For example, I wrote the first AWS C++ SDK. That project started before EC2 was released. For one customer, I wrote an identity system audit system that managed the identities of more than two million employees and contractors. That system combined behavior analysis and logging from three clouds, which was fed into an AI system to detect behavior anomalies and security breaches.


I have over twenty years of experience in security forensics. During the time that Novell was king, I was their point man when their largest customers had a security breach. I was an expert on the NSS and NTFS file systems and would often combine logs and file system forensics to reverse engineer the breach and recover the data and systems. I was involved in more than 1,000 cases, some of which involved the FBI. Today, I am an expert in cloud security, identity management, and authorization.

I have additional information about myself in the title bar “About me”. There are a number of pages. Some include my certificates, professional awards and status, etc.

If you need expert-level help, contact me.

John Hanley

T: 346-298-3671 or complete my contact form