What is Amezmo?

Amezmo is an excellent platform for .NET Core and PHP applications. Amezmo combines containers, GitHub, and Let’s Encrypt into an amazing platform for deploying applications. Updating your application is as simple as edit, commit and push. GitHub and Amezmo take care of deploying your updates seamlessly with no downtime and automatic rollbacks.

MySQL, Redis, SSH access, backups, monitoring, and logging are included.

Key Features:

  • Supports .NET Core and PHP applications.
  • Integration with GitHub.
  • Easily deploy domain names.
  • Easily deploy Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • Does not require containers. Amezmo builds the container for you.
  • Storage persistence.
  • MySQL included.
  • Redis included.
  • Nginx included.
  • Zero downtime application updates.
  • Rapid deployments
  • Long-running containers.
  • Per-minute billing.
  • Metrics
  • Logging
  • Share a database securely with several application instances.

Getting Started

I wrote several codelabs on how to get started with Amezmo:


I am very impressed with Amezmo. I have deployed two of my subdomains onto Amezmo. videolabs is based upon Laravel 8 and codelabs is based upon .NET 5. The ease in which I can update my site’s source code and deploy with a simple git push amazes me. No downtime during updates. Amezmo implements a seamless Blue-Green deployment.

More Information

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