As momentum builds for PyScript, a few good resources are being created. This article is my attempt to keep track of the ones that are very good and/or have detailed knowledge. Please let me know if you know of one that should be on this list.

Python In The Browser! PyScript First Look

This is a good introduction to PyScript. If you are just getting started, invest 20 minutes and watch this one.

Published: May 30, 2022


Python + pyscript + WebAssembly: Python Web Apps, Running Locally with pyscript

Can we build a pyscript (client-side Python) web app that loads super quick and doesn’t lag during startup? Michael Kennedy explains how in his video. This video is a good companion for my article PyScript: Creating Installable Offline Applications.


Introducing PyScript – PyCon 2022

This is a keynote speech by Peter Wang, CEO, Co-founder, Anaconda Inc.

Inside the PyScript Source | First Five

Paul Everitt shows how to get the PyScript source, build it, and demos using the build.


PyScript – Deep Dive for Developer

Andrej Baranovskij goes into detail about the browser DOM.

PyScript First Impressions – Run Python in HTML Document – RIP JavaScript

This is a very interesting video (live stream). Over two hours long and full of tips.


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