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HashiCorp Nomad – Executing the CLI Remotely

This article discusses how to set up SSH tunnels to run the HashiCorp Nomad CLI remotely from a Windows desktop. I recently built a single node HashiCorp Nomad cluster in dev mode on IBM Cloud. This is a single Virtual… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Provisioning a Windows Server

I am currently involved in a project building a medium scale Docker Swarm cluster. This cluster comprises both Linux and Windows worker nodes. This article is about how to provision a Windows Server 2019 Standard Version 1809 in IBM Cloud…. Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Getting Started with Kubernetes

This article is the second in my series about IBM Cloud Kubernetes. This article requires that you have set up your IBM Cloud Kubernetes cluster. See my article IBM Cloud – Getting Started with a Free Kubernetes Cluster In this article,… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Getting Started with a Free Kubernetes Cluster

Introduction IBM Cloud has a vast array of services. Over 190 services today. One of those services is Kubernetes. This article shows how to set up a free Kubernetes cluster in IBM Cloud. Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift & Serverless Containers

The following podcast was recorded by Mike Pfeiffer of Cloud Skills. Check out the other podcasts on his site: Mike has very good industry information within his podcasts. In this episode, I discuss getting started with IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift,… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Creating a Lite Account

Introduction IBM Cloud offers three types of accounts: Lite, Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription. This article will detail creating a Lite account. This account type does not require a credit card and guarantees zero cost (link). This account type never expires. IBM… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Securing a Cloud Server

Introduction This is part 2 of my series on IBM Cloud – Provisioning a Cloud Server. In this part, we will perform several tasks to improve the virtual server’s security and access. Review hardware firewall options. Lockdown external access by… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Provisioning a Cloud Server

Introduction Today is Saturday, so I decided to write another article about IBM Cloud. Today, I will build an IBM Cloud Virtual Server Instance (VSI) running Ubuntu 18.04. This article is the first part of a series on provisioning virtual… Continue Reading →

IBM Cloud – Learning the Basics – Week 1

Part 1: Introduction For several years, I have wanted to learn more about IBM Cloud. Last week, I was at a Google Presentation (I was one of the speakers) on Google Cloud Run, and IBM Cloud Kubernetes was demonstrated. That… Continue Reading →

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