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Google Certification – Cloud Bigtable

This article contains my notes on Google Cloud Bigtable and is part of my series on Professional Cloud Architect certification. I plan to take the Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification, so I am starting my training for the PCA with… Continue Reading →

Google Cloud – C++ Software Development

This article will be the home page for a collection of articles related to developing C++ applications in Google Cloud. This will include small example applications published to GitHub. I have decades of experience writing commercial enterprise applications in C++…. Continue Reading →

Google Cloud Environment Variables

This article is my attempt to keep track of the various environment variables that affect tools, SDKs, and applications written for Google Cloud. GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT Environment variable defining default project. If not set and the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS is set to… Continue Reading →

DNS: Solving Google Managed SSL Certificate Issue Problems

This article discusses DNS configuration problems that prevent Google-managed SSL certificates from being issued for Global HTTP(S) Load Balancers. How do you detect that there is a problem with a Google-managed SSL certificate? The certificate status is Provisioning. The Domain… Continue Reading →

WireGuard Introduction

Introduction This article is the first in a series of using WireGuard in the cloud. This article starts by explaining what WireGuard is. Additional articles will demonstrate how to configure WireGuard for both Windows and Ubuntu for the following VPN… Continue Reading →

Google Compute – Stackdriver Logging – Installation, Setup & Debugging

Date created: March 10, 2018 Last updated: September 12, 2019 Google Stackdriver is a very good product for monitoring and logging your compute instances on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Alibaba, etc. This article covers Stackdriver logging for Google Compute instances… Continue Reading →

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