A recent article by Luciano Abriata criticized PyScript. He made two statements:

  1. Pyscript is way too slow and heavy to load.
  2. Does not support all of Python’s features and libraries.

He then provided two example programs link and link. The first is written using the Google JavaScript Chart library and the second using the Python Bokeh library. He went on to state how much better the example using the Google JavaScript Chart library is. To quote his statement:

“Note that, moreover, this is not just a static graph but it is interactive: you can zoom in and out, get information when you hover over the bars, etc. None of this is possible in PyScript as of today’s version.”

I took his JavaScript example written to use the Google JavaScript Chart library and ported it to Python. This took about 10 minutes.

I put the port on my website: Google Chart Example.

As you can visually confirm, my PyScript example is identical to his JavaScript example in appearance and behavior with the exception of the PyScript load time (2 seconds on my system).


When critiquing a technology, it is important to have a solid understanding of the technology and how to use it. If your objective is to find fault, you will of course focus on weaknesses and overlook the strengths.

I can easily find 10 things I do not like about PyScript. I can easily find 10 things I do not like about JavaScript. Does that mean I will not use them? Of course not. I will use the most appropriate technology to solve my current task. Today, that might be JavaScript to solve problem X. Tomorrow, I might use PyScript to solve problem Y. Next week, I might use both at the same time.

Both PyScript and JavaScript work well together. Keep that in mind as you develop applications.

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