Socratica Python Kickstarter Campaign

Introduction from Socratica’s Kickstarter Campaign

Socratica – a small educational film studio with big dreams. You know us for our high-quality video lessons about math, science, and programming, especially PYTHON.

Over the course of five years, we’ve made 32 excellent Python videos. They’re smart and funny, and we love making them. You’ve asked us for more. You’ve urged us to make videos faster. The thing is – we’re working as fast as we can, given our small team and limited resources.

Help them with their funding to create more videos.

Kickstarter: Socratica Presents: Python Tutorial Videos

A word from me

Their videos are very good. Their total budget for 20 videos is $25,000. This is a tiny amount of money to invest in our community training the next generation of developers.

Watch their Python videos in my Python Videolab and decide for yourself.

Introduction to Python

Also, watch my Videolab from Socratica on SQL:

Introduction to SQL


This project was fully funded. I hope Socratica does another fundraising event to create more videos. Once the videos are created I will update my Python Videolab with the new videos.