I have worked with Google Cloud Stackdriver for about three months. The more I learn about Stackdriver the more I like it. Great product for logging, monitoring, error reporting, application tracing and application debugging and more.

One of the items that I don’t like with web server uptime checks is that the health checks clutter up my server’s log files. I want to know what IP addresses Stackdriver agents use so that I can filter my log files.

This week I learned about a new Google Cloud beta feature that supports listing Stackdriver IP addresses: Getting uptime-check IP addresses

The following code in Python will generate a table with information about the IP addresses that Stackdriver agents use.

This results in a table similar to the following.

By modifying the Python code, you can generate the list of IP addresses in any format required to filter your log files.

The following code in c# does the same thing. Notice that my code requires the beta03 dotnet libraries. This is a new feature from Google Cloud.