Google Experts Program

Google has honored me with Google Developers Experts Cloud Platform. I am the twentieth expert in North America.

This is a global program to recognize individuals who are experts and thought leaders in one or more Google technologies. These professionals actively contribute and support the developer and startup ecosystems around the world, helping them build and launch highly innovative apps.

What did it take for me to become a GDE?

I have worked with Google Cloud Platform for about eight years. During this time I learned a significant amount about Google’s way of implementing the cloud. About 12 months ago, I became serious about GCP as I watched their transition to be an enterprise-class cloud provider.

To be a GDE requires a lot of community service. Typical activities are public presentations, writing books, writing articles, sharing code, creating training content, answering questions on Stackoverflow, etc. The key is contributing to the community in a manner that benefits others. Being consistent over a long period of time is important.

To be a GDE also requires passing many interviews with other experts who do not work for Google. These experts are located around the world. For me I was interviewed by one expert in India, another in South America, … Basically, the community interviews you and gives you a thumbs up or not. This process takes months so you need lots of patience.

I chose to contribute on Stackoverflow, publish my own blog website and use Twitter for marketing. Currently, I am #1 in the world for total questions answered on Stackoverflow for the tag Google Cloud Platform. I have published 40+ articles on Google technologies. Today, I have significant traffic on my website, which focusses on GCP. For my personal training, I dedicated almost every evening and most of my weekends for a year to learn everything I could about the GCP core products and services. I took part in the beta certification exams for Security and Networking. In other words, I put myself out in public helping others learn and solve problems in Google cloud. I shared my knowledge and expertise with everyone.

Now that I am a GDE, I plan to add public speaking and training seminars/events.

What benefits do I receive being a GDE?

Financially, none. GDE is an honor/award. I have access to information about GCP that I would not otherwise have including information under NDA. I get to work with various product groups to have a deeper understanding of new products and services. I expect that this list will grow as I spend more time as a GDE.

Should you become a GDE?

Are you making major contributions to the Google community? Do you feel that you are an expert in one or more areas? Are you well known all over the world for your contributions and work? If yes, yes and yes, then you should definitely apply. You are the type of person who will make a good GDE. In fact, you already are GDE, you just need to be nominated, pass the interviews, complete the paperwork and receive your badge.

Google Experts Program: Go to this link to learn more.

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