Google Cloud Shell CLI Written in Go

This is a placeholder until I write this article. I have published the source code on GitHub.

Note: This program is written for Windows. I have not yet ported it to Linux or Mac OS. Volunteers?

Usage: cloudshell [command]
  cloudshell                            - display Cloud Shell information
  cloudshell info                       - display Cloud Shell information
  cloudshell putty                      - connect to Cloud Shell with Putty
  cloudshell exec "command"             - Execute remote command on Cloud Shell
  cloudshell upload src_file dst_file   - Upload local file to Cloud Shell
  cloudshell download src_file dst_file - Download from Cloud Shell to local file

--debug - Turn on debug output
--auth  - (re)Authenticate ignoring user_credentials.json
--login - Specify an email address as a login hint


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