This example shows how to process a input file event and display the content as an image


import asyncio import js from js import document from pyodide import create_proxy def read_complete(event): # event is ProgressEvent # console.log('read_complete') image = document.getElementById("image"); image.src = async def process_file(x): fileList = document.getElementById('myfile').files for f in fileList: # reader is a pyodide.JsProxy reader = # Create a Python proxy for the callback function onload_event = create_proxy(read_complete) reader.onload = onload_event reader.readAsDataURL(f) return def setup(): # Create a Python proxy for the callback function file_event = create_proxy(process_file) # Set the listener to the callback e = document.getElementById("myfile") e.addEventListener("change", file_event, False) setup()